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____As promised, here's a new comic. I actually was starting to make a different comic (which I'll be releasing next) when I found a half-finished comic in my Flash folder. I apparently started making it over a year ago and just forgot about it. I just re-did the drawings and finished it, so here it is.




____ You thought it'd be a year without any updates - you were wrong. By about three days. ____ - I think that although the comic is pretty simple it turned out really well (especially visually.)

And just in case you don't know, fencing is sword fighting.




Dun dun duuunnn!!! I just made a new comic, and it's an experiment with a different style of comic strip that I'm thinking of persuing. This comic took significantly longer to make than my previous ones, but I think the quality speaks for itself. Well, let me know what you think.

Snow Day



You'll never believe what happened! I actually got up off my lazy butt and made a comic! Isn't it amazing? Yeah, well, here it is.




Another new comic! I think that I'm on to something with the whole "good background" thing.

Future Me



New comic! I can totally relate to Sticko, although I'll never admit it.




Well, I've finally gotten around to making another comic. I think that the art is significantly better in this comic than in previous comics, which makes it "feel" more real.

No Idea



Here's a Sticko's Idea comic. It's been a while since the last one... Oh well; I hope you like it.

Two Birds



Happy Fourth Of July everyone! Enjoy the fireworks! That and this comic.

Fourth Of July



I'm running out of things to say... Umm... Uhh... Comic!

Be Yourself



As it turns out, I haven't been lazy recently! I've actually been working on an animation; what do you know? It actually only took me 6 days to make, from start to finish. Although I'm going to try to keep this rate of animation production up, don't count on it. Well, here it is. Enjoy!

Extreme Stuntwalking



I'm pleased to announce the opening of the StickStudios store. It's just a basic CafePress one, but it makes buying stuff a lot easier. Plus they have a lot more products. Check it out! I suggest the value shirt, the white shirt, and the light shirt (the light blue shirt looks the best).




School's finally over! Yay! And to commemorate such a great event, here's a new comic.

School's Over



Although it's not much, I've added two new desktops and converted them all to work as PSP desktops.




And another comic. I hope you get it.




Well, as promised, here's a multi-panel comic.




Another Sticko's idea comic. Two of the next three comics will be normal. Sorry that I lied about this one not being a Sticko's idea. It's still good though.

Holy Water



Well, back to Sticko's ideas. The next comic will be a three-panel one though, so don't worry. Wow, this is the tenth comic. The comics have definitely improved with time.

Evil Eye



Well, I've been working hard today, and I've finally gotten around to making a game, although it's just a dress up thing. Make sure to read the instructions for all the features.

Stick Figure Scene Creator



Well, I'm taking a break from the one-panel comics. Here's a funny little two-panel one .




Ta-da! I think that I will make the "Sticko's idea of..." into a mini comic series.

Fourth Wall

I really hope you get the joke; if you do it's pretty funny. If not, then it isn't.



And they just keep coming;

Board Games

Another one-panel comic. I know it's a lot like Free Cone Day, but it's still good.



New comic -

Free Cone Day

 It's a Farside type comic; a one-panel thing. I think it's called a "gag".



New comic -




Well, here's the newest Sticko Short.

Sticko Short #2: Doctor



Blah blah blah have a comic.

Doctor Sticko



Introducing... Stucko! In the very first Sticko Short.

Sticko Short #1: Sarcasm

I know it's not the best, and the sound is out of sync, but it's good for a quick laugh.



SirAlex12 has a new animation,

Beware: Violin



Just a few small updates; there's a new comic,


 and a new




Huzzah! I'm finally ready to unveil my second animation...

This Town



As promised, a new comic has been made;




There's a new page on StickStudios -


There's currently only one comic, but rest assured, there will be more.

There's also two other changes; there are now some desktops, which can be found in the Downloads section; also, the Stick Figure template download has been updated.



StickStudios.com is now up and running! Sorry for the long downtime. Tell you what; to make it up to you all, I'll release my latest animation -

The Five Rules of Fun-Fun



Finally, after many months of procrastination, I mean "hard work", StickStudios Version 2 is finally completed! Hooray! Currently there is very little content on the site, but soon there will be more.



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